Tsunami Hose Nozzle - $17.50 - You Receive TWO Nozzles!

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Tsunami Hose Nozzle - $17.50


This heavy-duty all-in-one nozzle intersects with your hose’s water pressure to deliver a stronger, steadier stream of water. Choose between 5 different settings – a powerful jet stream, soaker, fun, gentle mist, and a cascading spray. Now you will have the perfect pressure for any activity! Whether you’re power washing your car or watering your plants, you’ll find the Tsunami Hose to be the perfect accessory.

The Tsunami Hose Nozzle is easy to use and has a wide, comfortable grip. Its thick, durable rubber base won’t break or rust. The nozzle can attach to any standard garden hose, and the on/off function saves water.

Tsunami Hose Nozzle - $17.50

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